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Bachman Family Adoption

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When I got home from work yesterday, Jon told me that he decided on our daughter's middle name!  We had decided on her first name but hadn't picked her middle name yet.  Well, now it's official!!!!
Natalie Jade will be the newest member of our family!
Our referral is getting closer, we are next in line to go into the referral room.  Looks like late October, early November til we get a photo of our little angel. 
I have all the squares to Natalie Jade's 100 Wishes Quilt cut out and hope to begin assembling her quilt very soon.  It should go smoothly now that I have decided on how I want it to look.  I'll post a picture as soon as I get it done.

Well, we made our first big purchases for the baby!!  We bought a crib and a stroller and Jon is suffering from sticker shock!  We are working on the baby's room and will wait to assemble the crib until the room is ready.  I have a bunny wallpaper border to go about half way up the walls.  Then I want to paint the lower half light green and the top half pale blue with clouds.  I have glow-in-the-dark stars for the ceiling.  I bought pink gingham to make the cafe curtains.  And I have been busy making crib sheets, blankets and I have 2 quilts to finish.  Can you tell that I have been planning for a long, long time?
This Thursday, on August 11th, it will be one year since we starting this journey by going to Grand Rapids for a informational meeting with the rep from Great Wall China Adoptions.  We have come so far and still have a great way to go.  I just pray that our daughter is safe and well taken care of until we can hold her in our arms.

Hi everyone.  I'm beginning to feel the excitement growing.  Rumors on the internet adoption sites say that CCAA may be combining January and February LID's.  That may mean that we might move ahead a month.  We  could be getting our referral as early as September!!!  I guess there were not very many dossiers sent in February since the offices there were closed for the Chinese New Year celebrations for 2 weeks.  That would mean only 2 weeks worth of dossiers.
I have been looking into the remaining balance of our adoption.  I talked to a Great Wall agent that handles the travel arrangements, guides, international fees and monies paid in China.  She gave me an approximate total of how much money we will be needing to complete the adoption.  And she gave us some travel agencies that we can check out for good airfare prices to/from China.  We looked into the Northwest Airlines special adoption rates, but they were higher than we wanted to go with, so we are still looking. 
Other than that, we are still waiting, and waiting, and waiting.................


Our dossier is in the review room.  We received notice from Great Wall that we are in the review room,but do not know exactly when we entered.
In this room, each dossier is gone over to make sure that all the requirements have been met, that all paperwork is in order and that all the i's are dotted and the t's are crossed.  The timeline for this room is approximately 2 months.


The last, but most important room, is the matching room.  Here each dossier is matched with an available child's file.  An official compares the information received in the child's file with the information gathered from the parent's dossier: the child's age vs age requested, birthdates, physical appearance based on photos, personality traits, likes and dislikes, etc.  Sometimes a match is made for the simple reason that "it just felt like the right match".  The wait for matching is again approimately 2 months, though the matching process itself takes about 2 weeks.

The Matching Room where all the magic takes place!

Where is our Dossier? Somewhere among all these files. Each agency is given a different color.

These Dossiers have been matched and are waiting to be sent to the respective agencies.

Once the match is made, our agency will receive word that the referrals are coming through the mail.  Our agency will then contact us and tell us that our refferal is on the way, known as the Stork Alert.  When the referral is received at the agency, they will contact us with the announcement of our baby and e-mail us the basic information.  We will then have to wait a day or two to receive the complete translated file.  Jon and I will have 24 hours to decide if we want to accept this child into our family. 
Once we accept the referral, our agency sends a formal acceptance to CCAA and we wait for China to sent us our travel orders.  This could take anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks. 
A soon as we recieve our referral, we are planning on sending a care package to our daughter's orphanage for her.  This will contain a disposable camera for the nannies to take photos of her, a blanket that I made, a photo ablum of pictures of her new family and a few goodies as a thank you to her nannies.